First of Its Kind. Skyewise Launch 21 Businesses you can start and break-even in 90days

You don’t need to be scared on how to go about it. Just pick your area of interest and we will do the feasibility study and business plan for you.

The impact of the economic crisis has made a long term change of corporate culture in the financial sector absolutely imperative and cultural change is needed. We understand the message and responsibility has to be the force of our actions by providing financial support to our members and voluntary memebership to kick start the below 21 lucrative businesses:

  • Food Business
  • Baking Business
  • Beads Making Business
  • Cooking Gas Business
  • Fresh Fruits Business
  • Laundry Business
  • Information Business
  • Consultancy Business
  • Recharge Card Business
  • Clothing Business
  • Transportation Business
  • Weight Loss Business
  • Ice Block Business
  • Make-up Business
  • Viewing and Games Center
  • Personal Shooper and Errand Business
  • Distribution/Marketing Business
  • Educations and Tutorials Business
  • Car Wash Business
  • Networking Business
  • Investment Business.

Do not wait for the government to provide job for you when you can create an enabling environment for yourself to be your own boss. The truth is no matter how a job pays you, it’s not a ticket to get out of poverty.

Skyewise Progressive MCS LTD has made a provision of soft loan for anyone who is interested in the above businesses.

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