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Skyewise Mutipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd came as a vision to meet the financial need of her members and to equip them with other sources of wealth creation.


About Us

We are incorporated with a MISSION; to build a society where dreams and aspirations are achieved.


Our services include business planning, credit, financial advisory and investment.


Our products are target savings, back to school, salary advance, restocking and bridging.


Our Staffs and Board of Directors


  • Skyewise, for me is the pilot of what cooperative should endeavour to emulate. The cooperative stands for quality in all their products and services while also considering humanity. Skywise sees the importance in community development alongside business development and has different models tailored to fit members and intending members needs. Catering to all classes but maintaining the elite touch and high level to f professionalism and integrity. I have never regretted being a member of the cooperative and I urge anyone out there who wants better life and value for their money to join Skyewise.

    Oluwakemi Ann Melody Areola
    Oluwakemi Ann Melody Areola CEO Vivacity SA ICT and Corporate Relations to the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development
  • I rejoice with Skyewise ...in this epoch making occasion of moving into this beautiful face of the enterprise. I have watched this great enterprise grow from the bottom.... and I'm very optimistic that by God's Grace it will tower-away, besetting the world like a Colossus! I congratulate the management and staffs of this great ENTERPRISE... I am to identify with Skyewise and I'm glad to say they are my children.  

    Dr Apt. Godspower Udjor
    Dr Apt. Godspower Udjor
  • We think about the primary purpose of this liquidity deluge: It's to stabilize and restore confidence in our society. Confidence is the key ingredient in keeping the economic engine going and structuring the low and middle class. Through low rates,and credit creation, skywise has proven over the past years to be able to promote business and with a low interest rate for members. I am really be blessed the way the management of Skyewise manage members funds and their foreign in developing the cooperative by introducing new ideas that foster member growth.

    Kelvin Skido
    Kelvin Skido
  • My journey with Skyewise started about two years ago after two different persons marketed the co-operative to me. I gave it a try and ever since I have grown my savings while earning a modest, passive monthly income. The management has been very professional with one on one contact with investors. I have benefited from financial advice and counsel from the team. Skyewise Coop is growing and I am glad to be part of its success story.  

    Dr Ali Abdulkarim
  • It is my pleasure to recommend the financial services of Skyewise Multipurpose Cooperative to you. During the past 3 to 4 years I have been conducting business with them, I can say that I have been satisfied with their commitment to meet their financial obligations as at when due. The company offers high quality services to their clients. Their characteristics are as follows; they have integrity, strong and reliable and a management team with the capacity to deliver their core objectives. The company within a short period has made tremendous improvement, the king of the company, I will always like to associate with. I therefore recommend their services. You can reach me through for further enquires. Telephone: 08033761404 Email: umaogbugo@gmail.com

    Uma Ogbugo (ACA & MBA)
    Uma Ogbugo (ACA & MBA)


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